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2009-2010 Catalog 
2009-2010 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration

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The Department of Business Administration provides the opportunity, resources, and experiences necessary for students to acquire the business knowledge and skills to be personally and professionally successful.

The Department seeks to develop in students a continuing intellectual curiosity, an awareness of individual and cultural diversity, and a high degree of professional competence. The Department encourages an integrated general education in the arts and sciences, provides a body of knowledge common to all areas of business, and provides a systematic body of specialized knowledge and skills applicable to specific business disciplines.

To meet the diverse needs of students and businesses, the Department offers programs at the associate level, stressing applied entry-level skills, and at the baccalaureate level, stressing the broader theoretical concepts and leadership skills applicable to more complex organizational problems.

For More Information

Janice Johnson, Chairperson
Lori Perry, Secretary
Department of Business Administration

Shawnee State University
940 Second Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662-4344

Phone: 740.351.3215
Fax: 740.351.3663
E-mail: jjohnson@shawnee.edu

Programs in Business

Bachelor of Individualized Studies
  See the Bachelor of Individualized Studies Program  in the current catalog for description.
Bachelor of Science
  Business Administration, Accounting
  Business Administration, General
  Business Administration, Health Administration
  Business Administration, Legal Assisting (2+2)
  Business Administration, Information Systems Management
  Business Administration, Marketing
  Business Administration
  Health Administration
Associate of Applied Business
  Accounting Technology
  Information Technology Management
  Business Management Technology
  Legal Assisting Technology
  Office Administration Technology
Associate of Individualized Studies
  See the Associate of Individualized Studies Program  in the current catalog for description.

Special Notes for all Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration

Please read carefully. Consult your advisor if you do not fully understand.

  • Quantitative Reasoning Requirement, General Education Program If you select MATH 1500 or MATH 1700 to fulfill your quantitative reasoning requirement in the General Education Program, you must meet the minimum degree requirement of 124 total credit hours.
  • BUAI 1010 Computer Applications Students who test out of BUAI 1010 will not receive credit hours for the class, but must meet the minimum number of hours required to complete their degree.
  • Calculus Most graduate programs in business require calculus as a prerequisite. Students considering a future masters degree in business should take MATH 1900 as one of their elective courses.
  • Nonbusiness Electives Two hours of nonbusiness courses may be in physical education (SSPE).
  • Mathematics/English Sequence Placement in beginning English and mathematics courses is determined by the mathematics and English placement tests. The minimum mathematics course in the business core is MATH 1700. Any nondevelopmental mathematics courses (1010 or higher) taken to meet the prerequisite for MATH 1700 may be credited as nonbusiness electives toward the BSBA degree.
  • Transfer Credit A minimum of 16 hours of the business core must be completed at Shawnee State University. Twelve hours of upper division elective courses required for the general business concentration must be completed at Shawnee State.
  • Special Topics in Business Courses (2999, 3999, and 4999) A formal review and a subsequent written approval by the business department review committee is mandatory before credit is given for any special topics course. This review committee is made up of one member from each of the instructional areas, and this approval applies to all students. You can accumulate a total of nine credit hours in the business department using special topics courses. These courses apply for credit toward electives only and not toward required courses or the 12 hours of upper division business electives. Faculty members are not required to teach a special topics course; classes and subject matter are at the faculty member’s option.
  • Upper-Level/Lower-Level Course Credit Any student having earned credit for an upper-level course cannot subsequently earn credit for a lower sequence course and apply it toward graduation. Example: If you earned credit for BUMG 3100, you could not later take the lower-level course BUMG 2100 and apply the credits toward graduation. This notice applies, but is not limited to, BUFI 2450, 2500, BUMG 1010, 2100, 2350, and BUMK 2100.

Associate Degrees

Associate Degree in Applied Business

Our associate degrees in applied business have two goals: to prepare you for the job market and to give you the necessary foundation to advance, if you choose, to the bachelor of science degree program.

There are five areas of study from which you may choose.

  • Accounting Technology
  • Information Technology Management
  • Business Management Technology
  • Legal Assisting Technology
  • Office Administration Technology

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