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2009-2010 Catalog 
2009-2010 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate of Individualized Studies AIS

The associate of individualized studies degree (AIS) at Shawnee State University allows you to formulate your own individualized program of study based upon specific criteria. The goal of this degree is to permit the student, under the guidance of faculty advisors, to combine selected courses in academic and/or technical areas that may not meet the degree requirements for Shawnee State’s associate of arts, associate of science, associate of applied science, or associate of applied business degrees.

The following conditions must be met for completion of the degree: 1) a total of 60 credit hours of 100-level or above coursework with a minimum grade point average of 2.00; 2) a minimum of two areas of concentration with at least 14 credit hours in each; 3) a set of minimum general education requirements as outlined below; and 4) completion of a minimum of 30 hours of credit after admission to the program.

The minimum set of general education requirements for the AIS is as follows:

  • ENGL 1101 or 1102 and ENGL 1105 (6-8 hours)
  • One course at or above MATH 1100 (3 hours)
  • 8-10 hours from three different categories of the Foundational Level of the University’s General Education Program Requirements by Content Category . The Foundational Level includes the following categories: social sciences, natural sciences, and fine and performing arts.

Note: If you plan to transfer to another state university in Ohio in order to pursue a four-year degree program, you should consider completing the general education transfer module (view here) .

For specific details and application forms for the program, contact the dean’s office in the College of Arts and Sciences or the dean’s office in the Collegeof Professional Studies.