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2009-2010 Catalog 
2009-2010 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English and Humanities

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The faculty of the Department of English and Humanities develop students who think and read critically, who write and speak clearly, and who understand the contributions humanities courses can make to their knowledge and quality of life. The faculty believe that the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and thinking are the foundations upon which a successful college career is built. Therefore, all disciplines within the Department accept as part of their charge the development of writing and speaking skills. In addition, the faculty are committed to providing opportunities for the integration of the disciplines and the fostering of international and multicultural perspectives.

The Department offers excellent opportunities for students to study introductory and advanced courses in linguistics, foreign language, literature, philosophy, writing, communication, cultural studies, and women’s studies.

For More Information

Michael  Powell, Ph.D., Chairperson
Elsie M. Shabazz, Secretary

Department of English and Humanities
Shawnee State University
940 Second Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662-4344

Phone: 740.351.3300
Fax: 740.351.3584
E-mail: eshabazz@shawnee.edu 

Programs in Humanities

Bachelor of Arts
  English/Humanities, Communication
  English/Humanities, Culture and Media Studies
  English/Humanities, Generalist
  English/Humanities, Integrated Language Arts with Adolescent to Young Adult (Grades 7-12) Licensure
Bachelor of Individualized Studies
  See the Bachelor of Individualized Studies Program  in the current catalog for description.
  American or British Literature
  English Language and Linguistics
  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  Women’s Studies
Associate of Arts
  Arts/Humanities, Communication
  Arts/Humanities, English
  Arts/Humanities, General
  See Bachelor of Individualized Studies Program  in the current catalog for degree requirements.
Associate of Individualized Studies
  See Associate of Individualized Studies Programs  in the current catalog for description.

Composition/Foreign Language Labs

The Department of English and Humanities maintains four classrooms/computer labs for the teaching of composition and foreign language. They support faculty’s efforts to use modern technology in their teaching.

The Reading and Writing Center

The Department oversees the operations of the SSU Reading and Writing Center, which provides free peer tutoring. A student who is working on a paper for any SSU class is welcome to drop by the RWC, located in ADMN 031. While most of the students who seek peer tutoring are enrolled in composition classes or developmental English classes, tutors have also worked with students in upper-division classes, including Senior Seminar. For current hours, policies, and additional information about the services provided by the RWC, visit http://grammar.shawnee.edu or call 351.3488.

The English Sequence

Students who must take the English sequence (ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1102 and ENGL 1105) are required to participate in the Department’s placement procedure.

Bachelor Degrees

The bachelor of arts degree with a major in English/humanities offers you the opportunity to pursue a degree with or without teaching licensure.

The English/humanities degree (generalist) provides an excellent background for several career paths, including advertising, government employment, law, and publishing. The degree requires 126 hours, including 15 hours of electives. This distribution of required and elective courses allows you to pursue approved minors or to take a grouping of courses in such fields as science or business, which adds to your employment possibilities. The department strongly recommends that if you plan to attend graduate school, you should take courses in foreign language as well as additional courses in English, linguistics, and philosophy.

The English/humanities degree (communication concentration) is an excellent option for you if you wish to pursue a career in journalism, corporate communication, publishing, public relations, editing, or media criticism. The degree requires 125 hours, including 23 hours in the communication core and 3 hours of electives.

The English/humanities degree (culture and media studies concentration), like the English/ humanities generalist degree, prepares you for a variety of careers, ranging from teaching to government to law. It is an excellent option for students wishing to pursue masters or doctoral studies in the field of English and/or cultural studies. The degree requires 126 hours, including 21 in the cultural studies core and 6 hours of electives that can be taken in areas such as history, sociology, music, art, and philosophy.

The bachelor of arts in English/humanities, integrated language arts with adolescent to young adult licensure (grades 7-12) combines education and English/humanities classes to prepare teachers for grades 7 through 12. At a time when a national teaching shortage has become apparent, this degree offers good opportunities for employment.

With all degrees in English and humanities, classes are relatively small and students receive much individual attention from well-qualified and dedicated teachers.

As with any degree at the University, the Department of English and Humanities very much encourages students to work closely with their faculty advisor. The department secretary (740.351.3300) can easily provide the names of advisors for individual students.

Important Note About Student Assessment

The Department of English and Humanities is very much aware of the national movement that encourages assessment of student learning. Students majoring in English and humanities are asked to submit papers from a variety of classes for assessment purposes. These papers are kept on file by the department secretary and reviewed by English and humanities faculty to assess how well the department is meeting its goals in the classroom. Student identities are kept private, and the assessment has no bearing on students’ performance in individual classes or on their graduation. However, students must maintain a “C” average in all courses in the major.


The Department of English and Humanities currently offers minors in the areas of American or British literature, communication, English language and linguistics, journalism, philosophy, Spanish, teaching English to speakers of foreign languages (TESOL), and women’s studies. Students wishing to concentrate their elective possibilities in these areas are advised to follow the suggested curricula.

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