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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Health Science BHS

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The Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree will provide both traditional and non-traditional students the opportunity to complete a degree as a completion to many of the Health Science Associate of Applied Science degrees, and also serve as a stand-alone bachelor degree in the health science field.  All BSHS courses include a full semester course work completed online in 7 weeks.

The content of the program is particularly appropriate for students applying for, or waiting to be accepted into, a health science program.  The major will enable students to graduate with a bachelor degree and make application to a master degree program.  The multiple degree pathways, and flexibility in the many pathways incorporated in the degree, will cater to many different types of students and will provide students with the knowledge for entry into a variety of health science professions, careers, and graduate opportunities; cultivate personal development, growth, and commitment to lifelong learning; and finally, develop interpersonal skills, communication skills, and professional attitudes needed to interact in the health care communities

Program Learning Outcomes

1. The student will be knowledgeable of legal and ethical decision-making and future trends with health related professions and careers.

2. The student will be knowledgeable of psychological, social, and physical health science concepts that influence local and global communities.

3. The student will be knowledgeable of basic administrative techniques, models and tools, with respect to health care management finance and leadership.

4. The students will have the ability to analyze local and global health topics that influence disease treatment, legislation, prevention, and outcomes.

5. The student will be able to demonstrate effective written skills in topics related to the health science.

6. The student will develop the ability to analyze and interpret research as related to health professions and current trends in health care.

Degree Requirements

General Education Program 40 Hours

Further information can be found in the General Education Program  section of the current catalog.

Freshman Experience Requirement 1 Hour
Capstone Requirement 3 Hours
Major Requirements 30 Hours
Pathway Specific Requirements 50-56 Hours
Total Hours 120-126 Hours

Freshman Experience Requirement (1 Hour)

Capstone Requirement (3 Hours)

Pathway Specific Requirements (50-56 Hours)

Physical Therapy Assistant Pathway 50 Hours
Occupational Therapy Assistant Pathway 53 Hours
Medical Laboratory Technology Pathway 53 Hours
MOT Pathway (See Curriculum and Checksheet) 54 Hours
Dental Hygiene Pathway 56 Hours
Radiologic Technology Pathway 50 Hours
Respiratory Therapy Pathway 50 Hours
General Health Science Pathway (Includes 40 hours of electives) 50 Hours
Completion of an Appropriate, Related Health Science Associate Degree 50 Hours

Electives (33 Hours)

General Electives 36 Hours
Upper Division Electives 6 Hours

Minor Requirement (Variable Hours)

Students in the General Health Science Pathway are required to declare and complete a minor, using elective hours. 

Some recommended minors could include:

  1. Healthcare Administration (21 Hours)
  2. Neuroscience (21 Hours)
  3. Psychology (18 Hours)
  4. Sociology (18 Hours)
  5. Social Work (21 Hours)
  6. Biology (20 Hours)
  7. Chemistry (20 Hours)
  8. Math (20 Hours)
  9. Political Science (15 Hours)
  10. Communication (15 Hours)

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