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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Political Science BA

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Political science graduates work in a wide variety of fields.  The BA in Political Science will help to enable politically-active students to pursue a formalized program of study that includes opportunities for internships with local, state, and federal governmental agencies.  These learning opportunities will provide the students connections and valuable experience to launch their careers in political science.

Upon completing the requirements for the BA in Political Science, students should be able to:

  • Critically read texts. Beyond reading comprehension, this skill demands an ability to assess bias, interpretation, and distinguish between weaker and stronger arguments.
  • Think analytically. Political Science classes will train students how to understand complex problems and arguments through texts, lecture, and classroom discussions.
  • Write at an advanced level. This will provide them the tools to continue their education or excel at workplace communication.
  • Aticulate an informed perspective on contemporary political issues. This baseline knowledge is a crucial component of their education and essential to a liberal education.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the history of ideas and how this history shapes the political world. The major gives students an informed perspective on the present, analytic thinking skills to understand the future, and an understanding of the history of ideas to access the past

Degree Requirements

General Education Program 40 Hours

Social science majors cannot double-count courses that satisfy both their major and GEP requirements. Social science majors must take ECON2202 to fulfill the GEP social science requirement and STAT1150 for the Quantitative Reasoning requirement. Further information is in the General Education Program  or can be obtained from the dean’s office.

First Year Experience: University Foundations 1 Hour
Political Science Core Courses 39 Hours
University Electives 40 Hours
Total Hours Required 120 Hours


Special Notes

  • All students seeking a Bachelor Degree at Shawnee State University, MUST complete a minimum of two (2) Writing Intensive (WI) courses (denoted with “WI” in the course description).  These courses may be completed within the General Education Program, the Major, or Electives.  It is strongly suggested that students choose WI courses from their chosen major.
  • Social science majors must achieve a minimum grade of “C” in each required social science course (both in the Core and Upper Division categories) in order to graduate.

Political Science Major (Minimum of 39 Hours)

Political Science Capstone (3 Hours)

Complete 1 of the following courses:

Elective Courses (16 Hours)

Complete additional coursework such that at least 120 semester hours are completed.

Total Hours 120

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