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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Sociology BA

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The Department of Social Sciences’ sociology program provides students with a general overview of the field of sociology. All majors are introduced to the basic theories of sociology, research techniques, and data analysis, the interrelationship of society and culture, issues concerning modernity, and inequality. Sociology gives the student a grasp of the “global” nature of social relationships and allows one to understand the complex interplay between individuals, communities, organizations, nations, classes, racial groups, ethnic groups, and gender.

The degree offers students the ability to concentrate in the various subfields of sociology, which allows flexibility in the choice of careers and graduate school.

The courses you choose to meet the requirements for the sociology major may not count as General Education courses. See your advisor for further information.

Graduates with a BA in Sociology should be able to:

  •  Demonstrate an understanding of the discipline of the role of sociology and its role in contributing to our understanding of social reality
  •  Converse on two or more specialty areas within the discipline.
  •  Demonstrate the role of evidence and of quantitative and qualitative methods.
  •  Use computers for purposes of data analysis and information retrieval.
  •  Write in an appropriate style for conveying findings of research.
  •  Identify and apply the principles of ethical disciplinary practice.
  • Articulate and understanding of how culture and social structure operate.
  • Articulate the reciprocal relationship between individuals and society.
  • Articulate distinctions between macro and micro levels of analysis.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking.

Degree Requirements

General Education Program 40 Hours

Sociology majors must take MATH 1500 (Statistics) to satisfy the GEP Quantitative Reasoning Requirement and must take SOSC 1110 to satisfy the general education social science requirement. See the General Education Program  for further information about the GEP.

First Year Experience: University Foundations 1 Hour
Sociology Core Courses 15 Hours
Sociology Content Courses (5 Specific Content Groups) 33 Hours
General Elective Courses 31 Hours
Total Hours Required 120 Hours

First Year Experience: University Foundations

Complete the following course:

Sociology Content Courses (33 Hours)

Choose a minimum of three courses (9 credit hours) from Groups 1, 2 and 3.  Complete a maximum of 2 course (6 credit hours) from Group 4. Complete one Capstone course (3 credit hours) from Group 5.

General Elective Courses (31 Hours)

Complete additional coursework such that at least 120 semester hours are completed.

Special Notes

  • Social science majors must achieve a minimum grade of “C” in each required social science course (both in the Core and Upper Division categories) in order to graduate.
  • All students seeking a Bachelor Degree at Shawnee State University, MUST complete a minimum of two (2) Writing Intensive (WI) courses (denoted as “WI” in the courses descriptions).  These courses may be completed withing the General Education Program, the Major, or Electives.  It is strongly recommended that students choose WI courses from their chosen major.
  • Sociology courses taken on a pass/no pass basis will not count toward the major.Transfer students who have taken a major in sociology at another institution must take at least 24 hours of upper-division sociology courses at Shawnee State University in order to declare a major.
  • Sociology majors must take MATH 1500 to satisfy the General Education mathematics requirement and must take SOSC 1110 to satisfy the General Education social science requirement.
  • Students who have graduated from Shawnee State University in a major other than sociology and return to complete the major must meet all degree requirements. Students who have met minimum degree requirements must complete at least 24 hours of upper-division sociology at SSU in order to receive an additional degree.

Please contact the Department of Social Sciences at 740.351.3234 for further information.

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