May 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

English/Humanities (Generalist) BA

The English/Humanities Generalist degree provides an excellent background for several career paths, including advertising, government employment, law, and publishing. The degree requires 120 hours, including 34 hours of electives. This distribution of required and elective courses allows you to pursue approved minors or to take a grouping of courses in such fields as science or business, which adds to your employment possibilities. The department strongly recommends that if you plan to attend graduate school, you should take courses in foreign language as well as additional courses in English, linguistics, and philosophy.

Learning Outcomes for the B.A. in English and Humanities (Generalist)

Students who complete the English & Humanities Generalist concentration will be able to:

  • situate texts within a historical and cultural context;
  • analyze texts through the lens of literary, cultural, rhetorical, and/or linguistic theory; and
  • compose effective arguments supported by relevant evidence from primary and secondary sources.

Degree Requirements

General Education Program 40 Hours
  Further information is listed in the General Education Program  or can be obtained from the dean’s office. With the exception of ENGL 2200 (Introduction to Literature), students taking English courses in the major may not use them to fulfill the requirements for the GEP.  
First Year Experience 1 Hour
English/Humanities Courses 45 Hours
  Credit hours reflect that ENGL 2200 has been double counted.  
Electives 34 Hours
  (The Department strongly recommends that you take specialized courses in one or two areas. Foreign language is an excellent area of specialization for English/humanities majors.)  
Total Hours Required  120 Hours

English Core Courses (18 Hours)

Introduction to Literature (3 Hours)

Fundamentals of Criticism (3 Hours)


ENGL3341, ENGL3352, ENGL3999, and ENGL4999 will count for either the British or American literature requirement.

English Courses (30 Hours)

Complete one course in each category.

Capstone (3 Hours)

Electives (34 Hours)