May 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

English/Humanities (Culture and Media Studies - Concentration) BA

The English/Humanities degree with a concentration in Culture and Media Studies, like the English/Humanities generalist degree, prepares you for a variety of careers, ranging from teaching to government to law. It is an excellent option for students wishing to pursue masters or doctoral studies in the field of English and/or cultural studies. The degree requires 120 hours, including 21 in the cultural and media core and 16 hours of electives that can be taken in areas such as history, sociology, music, art, and philosophy.

Learning Outcomes for the B.A. in English and Humanities (Culture & Media Studies)

Students who complete the English & Humanities Culture and Media Studies concentration will be able to:

  • situate texts within a historical and cultural context;
  • analyze texts through the lens of literary, cultural, rhetorical, and/or linguistic theory;
  • compose effective arguments supported by relevant evidence from primary and secondary sources; and
  • articulate the relationship between media technologies, cultural representation, and material practices.

Degree Requirements

General Education Program 40 Hours
  Further information is listed in the General Education Program Requirements by Content Category  or can be obtained from the dean’s office.   
First Year Experience 1 Hour
English/Humanities Major 42 Hours
  English 2200 will count for the literature requirement of the GEP.  
Credit Hours Required in the Concentration 21 Hours
Electives 16 Hours
Total Hours Required 120 Hours

English Core Coures Courses (18 Hours)

Complete all of the following:

English Courses (30 Hours)

Complete one course in each category.

Culture and Media Concentration (21 Hours)

Electives (16 Hours)

Courses to be selected from English and Humanities (Women’s Studies, Film Studies, Media Studies, Philosophy), Social Sciences (ANTH 2250, Principles of Cultural Anthropology, or SOCI 3320, Sociology of Culture), or Fine Arts and Music.