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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate of Arts - Social Science AA

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General Education Requirements (28 Hours)


Complete the following categories of the General Education Program 
English Composition (6 Hours minimum)
Quantitative Reasoning (3 Hours)
Fine and Performing Arts (3 Hours)
Social Sciences (3 Hours)
Natural Sciences (7 Hours)
Cultural Perspectives (6 Hours)

Concentration Area (21 Hours)


Selected courses in an area of specialization chosen from the following list of subject areas to complete the associate of arts degree:

Anthropology History Social Science
Economics Political Science Sociology
Geography Psychology  


Electives (11 Hours)


Advising Note: If you plan to transfer from Shawnee State University to another state university in Ohio after completion of this degree program, then you should complete Shawnee State University’s transfer module for general education by:

  1. Selecting those courses that are common to both the GEP and the transfer module.
  2. Use a portion of the 11 semester hours of electives to complete the transfer module by taking four more courses (12 semester hours) as follows (see the transfer module on page 18 to determine which courses are acceptable):
    1. If you choose option 1 in the natural science category of the GEP, take one more course in natural science
    2. Take one more course in arts and humanities
    3. Take two more courses in social science

Contact the director of General Education at 740.315.3137 if you have questions.

Total Credit Hours 60

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