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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The Department of Nursing mission:  The Department of Nursing is committed to the delivery of high quality education, provision of service to the community, and promotion of the profession of nursing.

For General Information

Catherine Bailey, RN, DPN, CNE, CHSE, Interim Chairperson
Stacey McWharter, Academic Administrative Assistant

Shawnee State University

Attention: Nursing Department
940 Second Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662-4344

Phone: 740.351.3210
Fax: 740.351.3051
E-mail: cbailey@shawnee.edu

Bachelor of Science
  Nursing (Pre-licensure)
  Nursing (RN-BSN)
Associate of Applied Science

Selective Admission Criteria

Fulfilling the criteria for admission into a SSU nursing program does not automatically guarantee entrance into the program. The number of candidates who meet the minimal criteria for admission generally far exceeds the number of vacancies. The nursing programs rank candidates using selected criteria in addition to the minimal admission requirements. For example, additional criteria may include, but is not limited to, high school and/or college grade point average and completion of additional coursework in college level biology, mathematics, and chemistry. Information about the criteria used for the ranking of applicants may be obtained by contacting the Department Secretary or the Health Sciences Rep.

Clinical Sites

The nursing programs utilize hospital, nursing home, and other community based clinical sites for the completion of their requirements for graduation. These affiliating sites have the exclusive right to accept or reject a student, which could result in a student being delayed in a program or unable to complete the requirements for graduation. A conviction record for certain classes of misdemeanors or any felony may result in ineligibility for licensure in specific health occupations. Also, the affiliating clinical sites have the right to reject students due to a criminal record.

Nursing Class Scheduling

The majority of all nursing classes are scheduled between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. However, it may be necessary to schedule your required classes in English, natural sciences, and humanities during the evening hours as the required clinical and laboratory times in the nursing courses involve many hours during the 8:00 to 5:00 day schedules.

The RN-BSN nursing coursework and GEP courses are all scheduled online offerings.

Guidelines for Appealing a Dismissal From a Nursing Program

Each of the programs within the Nursing Department has minimum academic and clinical performance standards that permit a student to continue in the program. Failure to meet these standards may result in dismissal from the program. Information concerning the performance standards is available in this catalog, the Department of Nursing student handbook, and from the department’s chairperson.

Dismissal from Nursing programs may be appealed by the following process.

  • Within three working days following a dismissal notification a request in writing to appeal the dismissal must be made to the department chairperson. The chairperson will notify the student of the result of this appeal within three working days following the meeting.
  • The chairperson’s decision may be appealed by submitting a written request to the chairperson to arrange for a review by the dean (or designee), the chairperson (or designee), and the provost (or designee). The student will be informed of the result of this review within two working days following that meeting.


Dismissal from a nursing program is not the same as dismissal from the University. University dismissal policies are outlined in this catalog under the section titled ”Academic Policies.”

Minimum Admission Requirements for all Nursing Degree Programs

The following requirements apply:

Please note: Transcripts may be sent directly from the high school or applicants may hand carry the transcript in an envelope sealed with a guidance counselor’s signature. Guidance counselors or high school officials may send transcripts via FAX to 740.351.3111 if accompanied by a signed transmittal form or by electronic transfer. The University reserves the right to verify the final, official authenticity of any student’s transcript. Any transcript document found to be fraudulent becomes the student’s responsibility and the University reserves the right to withdraw admission acknowledgment and/or approval of acceptance.

College transcripts must be sent directly from the school to Shawnee State to “be official.” Photocopies, fax, and unofficial transcripts are not accepted.

  • Students are not considered for admission to a nursing program until all minimum admission requirements are completed.

          Once a student has been officially accepted into a nursing program:

  • Physical examinations are required. Forms are provided by the nursing department, when the student meets for the first time with their nursing program advisor.  Student must submit the physical on the required form.
  • State/Federal BCI (background checks), Drug Screenings, and documentation of annual influenza vaccinations are required as part of clinical affiliation agreements.  Students will receive information about these requirements the first time they meet with their nursing advisor.  All documents must be complete prior to the first day of class.

Questions regarding admission procedures or application status should be directed to the health science representative at 740.351.3209.

Deadline for Receipt of ALL Application Materials:

After the application deadlines listed below, students who have completed application materials may be considered for acceptance on the basis of space available in the program and the academic qualifications of the student.

March 1 or until class is filled
           Associate Degree Nursing (Fall Semester entry)
           BSN (Pre-licensure) (Fall Semester entry)


September 1 or until class is filled

           Associate Degree Nursing (Spring Semester entry)


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