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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Success Center

 The Student Success Center is located on the 1st Floor of Massie Hall and houses several different programs. It is the hub of student support on campus. During the regular fall and spring semester, the Student Success Center is open Monday-Thursday 7:30am-11:00pm and Friday 7:30am-5:00pm. Between semesters and during the summer, it is open Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm. The Student Success Center can be reached at 740-351-3594.

Academic Advising

Professional advisors for the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Professional Studies, and Undergraduate Studies may be found in the Student Success Center. The professional advisors are the primary advisors for certain populations of students and provide support to all students on campus. The advisors are here to:

  • help students navigate higher education
  • discuss majors, degrees, and careers
  • provide intervention for struggling students, including those on academic probation
  • work with new, transfer, and re-enrolling students
  • connect students with resources and refer them, when necessary, to other services on and off campus
  • assist students with registration and financial aid issues.

Questions about advising can be sent to ask_an_advisor@shawnee.edu. 

Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction

The tutoring and supplemental instruction (SI) program is located in the Student Success Center and supervised by the Assistant Director of Advising and Academic Resources. Tutoring and SI are part of students’ tuition and are free of charge. Students may request a tutor by filling out the Request a Tutor form on the homepage of MySSU. Tutoring and SI are for all students, not just failing students. All tutoring and SI are conducted by students who have previously taken the course and earned an A or B and have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. If you would like to Become a Tutor or SI, please fill out the linked form. Tutoring is usually done on a one-on-one appointment basis or by drop-in. Supplemental Instruction or SI is an embedded tutor in a course that works closely with the professor. SI Leaders hold review sessions and group study sessions with students registered for a particular course section. For questions about tutoring and SI, you may call the Student Success Center at 740-351-3594. Please note: Students seeking help in math will be referred to the Math Center and students seeking help writing papers or in English will be referred to the Writing Center.


The Student Success Center offers several different types of testing.

  • Make-up Testing: Make-up testing is offered as a courtesy to faculty. Make-up testing days and times change each semester and students must make an appointment to take a make-up test. For more information, either call the Student Success Center at 740-351-3594 or email makeuptesting@shawnee.edu. 
  • Placement Testing: Besides ACT and SAT scores, the University accepts Accuplacer placement scores. Students may arrange to take the Accuplacer on campus, remotely, or at an official Accuplacer testing site. For more information, either call the Student Success Center at 740-351-3594 or email placementtesting@shawnee.edu.
  • ACT Testing: Several times throughout the year Shawnee State University hosts ACT testing. For more information, please go to act.org
  • PearsonVUE testing: The Student Success Center is an official PearsonVUE testing center and can proctor a plethora of tests, including the OAE.
  • ETS testing: The Student Success Center is an official ETS testing site and can give a limited number of ETS tests.
  • CLEP testing: NEW for 2022-2023, the Student Success Center now offers CLEP testing.

Computers, Study Area, Printing, & Questions

The Student Success Center includes an open computer lab with Microsoft Office Suite for students to use during our hours of operation. Students can login and work on online or on campus coursework, write a paper, do research, or check their email. Printing is free to all Shawnee State University students and a copy machine is available to make copies of course notes, print papers from a computer or a thumb drive, or print other course materials. Please be conscientious of the amount of paper you are using! There are also several tables for students to study alone or in groups. The tables are made to fit together in different shapes, so students can move the tables around to accommodate any number of students. A whiteboard and dry erase markers are also available for group study.

The Student Success Center is a great place for students to come if they have questions and they do not know who to ask. The front desk students are extremely knowledgeable and can either direct you to the right place or connect you with an advisor who can help you.