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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Studio Arts BFA

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The Studio Arts BFA concentration is for those students who want to pursue a more diverse degree with a broader set of studio experiences. The Studio Arts program is for students who seek a more broad spectrum of art education. This program emphasizes a diverse approach to studio arts, underlining and interconnected nature of the multiple art disciplines.

This studio concentration prepares students for graduate programs and studio entrepreneurship. This program is designed to bring the student to a high level of aesthetic theory, development process and technical skill in their focused studio area.

Students who successfully complete this program will:
  • Develop proficiency in tools and techniques conducive to a professional art practice.
  • Cultivate excellent observation skills as well as a strong understanding of art and design principles.
  • Create a cohesive body of work that is well considered and conceptually rigorous.
  • Employ a vocabulary for critique and presentation.

Degree Requirements

Requirement Hours
General Education Program 32*
Art Core Requirements    30
Studio Arts Tracks 24
Art Studio Electives - Choose ARTS or ARTG 30
General Electives - Chose from courses other than ARTX. 6
Total Hours Required 122

Note: The ARTH courses in the Art Core may be used to fulfill certain GEP requirements.


General Education Requirements

Requirement Hours
English Composition 6
Oral Communication 3
Quantitative Reasoning 3
Engaged Citizenry 3*
Ethical Insight and Reasoning 3
Fine and Performing Arts 3
Global Perspective 3*
Historical Perspectives 3*
Human Behavior 3
Literature 3
Natural Sciences 7*
First Year Experience 1
Senior Capstone 3
Total Hours: 44


  • Some majors have opportunities to double count certain courses withing the GEP for the major. Contact your academic advisor for details.
  • Please refer to the General Education Program information for specific courses.

Art Core

Complete all courses (30 hours; 21 with all double counts) within this section. 

Note: Three of the ARTH courses available to this section may be double counted to fulfill GEP requirements. 

Studio Arts Tracks

Complete 1 of 5 track sequences (24 credit hours).  Choose from one of the following tracks:

Ceramics Track (8 courses)

Shawnee State has an excellent concentration in CERAMICS, affording strong foundations in both functional and sculptural techniques leading to the more individualized approaches suitable for gallery, graduate school, and/or commercial production experiences. The program features a fully equipped studio suite of six rooms, including computer controlled gas and electric kilns and electric wheels.

Drawing Track (8 courses)

DRAWING is the heart of all the visual arts, the most direct and fundamental indicator of visual literacy in any medium. Through a broad spectrum of drawing materials and approaches, we encourage high levels of achievement in this core discipline as the basis for enhanced perceptual awareness and more fully informed studio work.


Illustration Track (8 Courses)

ILLUSTRATION is the act of creating an image to promote, enhance, or explain a concept or story such as a book, movie, game, or any other narrative or conceptual product. Illustration utilizes both traditional and digital studio practices.

Painting Track (8 courses)

PAINTING is a core discipline with a rich history. Both representational and nonobjective approaches in a variety of painting media are explored to equip students with both the technical skills and creative vision required for an authoritative body of work. Our third floor Waller Painting Suite has 25-foot high north facing windows and an additional outdoor area for good weather painting.


Photography Track (8 Courses)

PHOTOGRAPHY is devoted to educating new artists in a contemporary world where photographic imagery and new representations of media inform and define our everyday experiences. Photographs cross boundaries between cultures, arts and individual personalities. Our program attempts to encourage development of the student through a range of courses from basic to advanced, historical to contemporary, analog to digital, and an array of critical concerns. Students will grow through technical and creative allocations, and various technologies that have redefined photographic imaging in the 21st century.


Art Studio Electives

Choose 30 credit hours in any ARTS or ARTG courses.

General Electives

Choose 6 credit hours of any courses other than ARTx.

More information

This program is a part of the Fine, Digital, and Performing Arts department. For more information or to get started with this degree, contact the department chair or the department secretary. 

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