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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) AAS

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Computer aided design (CADD) is a significant technology in all areas of Engineering and Industrial Technology.  In today’s hi-tech environment, CADD is integrated with manufacturing, architectural design, computer aided machining (CAM), additive manufacturing, environmental design, bio-medical technology and civil engineering.

Shawnee State’s CADD program uses industry standard hardware and software in all classes.

Professional employment as CADD engineering designers, detailers, and technical illustrators can be found in the following areas:
  Aerospace Medical equipment manufacturing
  Architecture Packaging
  Automotive industries Petroleum
  Building/construction Piping
  Civil engineering Plastics
  Defense Quality product design
  Electronics Solar Energy
  Foundry Tool Design
  General manufacturing Transportation
  Machining Utilities
  Mechanical engineering Welding


Technical Electives

Technical electives can be selected from the variety of courses offered through Engineering Technologies and should be coordinated with the student’s academic advisor.  With the exception of ETCA1101, ETCA1201, and ETCA 1301, which are required CADD courses, technical electives may be selected from the Career eXploration (CX) courses listed below:


Career eXploration (CX)

Engineering Technologies are designating several courses as Career eXploration (CX) courses to provide opportunities for undecided students to actively explore other majors within Engineering Technologies.  All courses are instructed in the classroom/lab environment - none of on-line courses are included in the (CX) designation.  Should a student decide upon an Engineering Technology major, these courses would be applicable to his or her degree.  Should the student decide upon a non-engineering technology major, these courses could count toward his or her eventual degree as elective courses.  The intro-level Engineering Technology courses designated as (CX) are:

  • ETCA 1101  Engineering Drawing 1.  No pre- or co-requisite. (CADD)
  • ETCA 1201  Introduction to CADD.   Co-requisite ETCA 1101. (CADD)
  • ETCA 1301  3-D Parametric Modeling.  No pre- or co-requisite. (General Engineering Technology)
  • ETCO 1120  Intro to STEM Computer Programming.  Co-requisite MATH 1020.  (Computer Engineering Technology and Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology computer programming)
  • ETEM 1510  Intro to Electricity/Electronics.  Co-requisite MATH 1020. (Electromechanical Engineering Technology and Computer Engineering Technology hardware component)
  • ETPL 1100   Plastics Manufacturing.  No pre- or co-requisite. (Plastics Engineering Technology)
  • ETPL 1120   Software Tools for Technology.  No pre- or co-requisite. (General and Plastics Engineering Technology)
  • ETEV 1110   Intro to Environmental Engineering Technology.  Co-requisite MATH 1020 (Environmental Engineering Technology)

Sample Schedule

Total Credit Hours 62

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