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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English/Humanities (Generalist) BA

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Degree Requirements

General Education Program 34 Hours
  Further information is listed in the General Education Program  or can be obtained from the dean’s office. Students taking PHIL 2200 in the major may not use it to fulfill the Cultural Perspectives requirement in the GEP.  
English/Humanities Courses 77 Hours
  (Includes 15-hour elective block, of which 3 hours must be above the 3000 level.)  
Electives 9 Hours
  (The Department strongly recommends that you take specialized courses in one or two areas. Foreign language is an excellent area of specialization for English/humanities majors.)  
Total Hours Required  120 Hours

English/Humanities Courses (77 Hours)

Foreign Language (8 Hours)

Introduction to Literature (3 Hours)

World Literature (3 Hours)

Theory and Practice in Composition (3 Hours)

Fundamentals of Criticism (3 Hours)

Humanities Electives (9 Hours)

(Courses must be taken in at least two areas with three hours at the 3000 level or higher. Courses should be selected from the following areas: Art History, History, Music History, Foreign Language, Philosophy, Creative Writing, and Linguistics.)

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