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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration - Information Systems Management Concentration BS

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This program is designed for students entering Shawnee State for the first time, as well as for students who have completed the associate degree in information technology management. Most courses in the ITM program count toward the baccalaureate degree.

Technology is continually evolving as well as the need for information systems professionals.  To stay competitive, businesses and organizations demand greater use of new technology.  IS Professionals are expected to discover opportunities to use information systems and to participate in the design of solutions to business problems employing information systems.  They work with executives to develop organizations plans and goals, and work with developmental personnel in the concept creation and development of products and services.  An IS degree is essential for students who expect to provide technology solutions that will impact on fellow workers, customers, suppliers, and other key business partners. 

The Department of Business Administration at Shawnee State University provides each student with the opportunity to learn about technology and business.  Employers look favorably upon potential employees with backgrounds in both technology and business.  This degree provides students with a solid core of business knowledge with technology skills in the area(s) they wish to pursue.  It is absolutely essential that the student must be able to view information systems from the perspective of business and organizational needs.  Students may specialize in computer network management, E-commerce, or computer programming. 


Kricker Hall has 4 computer labs with 25 PC’s in each lab with overhead projector attached to the instructors PC for class presentations.  These PC’s are upgraded every 3 years so that the labs are always state-of-art.  Software is upgraded to match industry demands and latest version.  SSU also has a Network Lab for those students taking networking and hardware classes to actually have the opportunity to build PC’s and build networks.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the IS Program are prepared to seek specific career opportunities depending on their interests, coursework, and experience.  Some students may go into end user support, often working in an information center for a corporation or organization.  Others find employment with organizations such as hardware vendors, software vendors, and still others may go into consulting firms that provide IS products and services.  Some may choose to start their own business.

Graduating students may enter employment as web developers, network technicians, operators, computer programmers, or microcomputer specialists in computer installations, to name a few of the possibilities.  IS background in business provides students with the opportunity to pursue both technical and managerial careers in organizations that incorporate leading edge technologies.  A firm background in business as well as IS provides those students interested in starting their own businesses the knowledge and tools necessary to be successful in the endeavor.


Degree Requirements

General Education Program 31 Hours

The GEP Quantitative Reasoning component is satisfied in the required nonbusiness courses.

Required Nonbusiness Courses 12 Hours
Business Core Courses 36 Hours
Info. Systems Mgt. Core Courses 18 Hours
Info. Systems Mgt. Elective Path 12 Hours
Electives 11 Hours
Total Hours Required 120 Hours

ISM Elective Path (12 Hours)

Choose one of the following paths.

Electives (11 Hours)

You may select 11 elective hours from the broad spectrum of university courses.

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