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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration - General Business Concentration BS

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The four-year program in general business is designed to provide a broad understanding of business by focusing on all aspects of its dynamics. A broad-based general education precedes an extensive education in general business. Successfully completing this degree program gives you the necessary tools to enter a career in business or to pursue graduate study. Students planning to pursue graduate degrees are strongly advised to take MATH 1900 as an elective.

The general business program has both a core of business courses and nonbusiness courses. You choose, after consulting with your advisor, at least one upper division course in four of the prescribed elective areas: accounting, automated information systems, finance, management, and marketing. This gives you some flexibility in designing a program which meets your career goals.

Degree Requirements

General Education Program 31 Hours

The GEP Quantitative Reasoning component is satisfied in the required nonbusiness courses.

Required Nonbusiness Courses 12 Hours
Business Core Courses 36 Hours
BSBA-General Required Bus. Course 3 Hours
Upper Divison Business Electives 12 Hours
Business Electives 15 Hours
Electives 11 Hours
Total Hours Required 120 Hours

BSBA-General Required Business Course (3 Hours)

Upper Division Business Electives (12 Hours)

Choose a minimum of one 3000 or higher course in four of the five areas below:

BUAC XXXX Upper Division Accounting Elective - 3
BUFI XXXX Upper Division Finance Elective - 3
BUIS XXXX Upper Div. Information Systems Elective - 3
BUMG XXXX Upper Div. Management Elective - 3
BUMK XXXX Upper Division Marketing Elective - 3

Other Business Electives (15 Hours)

Choose any course 1100 or higher with the following prefixes: BUAC, BUFI, BUIS, BUMG, BUMK.

Electives (11 Hours)

 You may select 11 elective hours from the broad spectrum of university courses.

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