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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate of Science AS

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I. General Education Requirements (21-26 Hours)

Complete the following categories of the General Education Program 
English Composition (6 hours minimum)
Quantitative Reasoning (3 hours) - Required for Science Concentration Only
Fine and Performing Arts (3 hours)
Social Sciences (3 hours)
Cultural Perspectives (6 hours)
Natural Sciences (8 hours) - Required for Math Concentration Only

II. Concentration Area (21 Hours)

(choose either science or math)

A. Science

(all courses must be numbered above 1140)

Selected courses in one area of science (biology, chemistry, geology, or physics) — 8 hours
Additional science courses to total 21 hours

B. Mathematical Sciences

2. Science (8 Hours minimum)

Must be chosen from biology, chemistry, geology, or physics numbered above 1110.

III. Math or Science Electives (16 Hours)

A. Science Concentration

B. Mathematical Sciences Concentration

(must be chosen from courses numbered 1100 or above; cannot include MATH 1900)

IV. General Electives (5 Hours)

Any course in any area other than math or science.

Total Credit Hours 62-63

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