Jan 19, 2021  
2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Studio Arts BFA

The studio arts program is for those students who want to pursue a more diverse degree with a broader set of studio experiences.  The Studio Arts program is for students who seek a more broad spectrum of art education.  This program emphasizes a diverse approach to studio arts, underlining and interconnected nature of the multiple art disciplines.


This studio concentration prepares students for graduate programs and studio entrepreneurship. This program is designed to bring the student to a high level of aesthetic theory, development process and technical skill in their focused studio area.

A student who has successfully completed a degree in Studio Arts may have career opportunities, or further study, in areas which include:
*due to the flexible nature of this program a comprehensive list is extensive but a brief listing would include:

  • Studio Artist
  • Portrait Artist
  • Museum Conservator
  • Gallery Conservator
  • Painting Restoration
  • Museum Curator
  • Gallery Curator
  • Sculptor
  • Potter
  • Studio Photographer
  • Mixed Media Artist


Concentration Requirements

General Education Program 34 Hours
  Further information is listed in the General Education Program  or can be obtained from the dean’s office.  
Art Core Requirements 
30 Hours
Art Studio Concentration 21 Hours
Art Studio Electives Choose ARTS or 33 Hours
  ARTG courses outside your studio area  
General Electives Chosen from courses other than ARTX. 6 Hours
Total Hours Required 124 Hours


Choose one Art Studio Concentration from the following: