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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

Please Note

The listing of a course in this catalog does not imply that the course will be offered in a particular semester, or that the course is offered on a regular basis. Please check the Shawnee State University Course Offerings or the Department for up-to-date information on what will be offered during a particular term.

In addition, it should be noted that some upper level courses are not included on these pages. Please contact your faculty advisor for further information.

Special Course/Laboratory Fee Structure

A standard special course/laboratory fee will be assessed to all courses with laboratory components and/or other special features within an academic department. They are as follows1:

  Fee Per Credit Hour
ADNR $20.00
ARTS (Tier 1) 7.00
ARTS (Tier 2) 15.00
ARTS (Tier 3) 25.00
BUSI 10.00
DTHY 25.00
EDUC 15.00
EMTP 20.00
ENGT 22.00
HUMA 3.00
MATH 5.00
MLTC 20.00
MOT (graduate) 70.00
NSCI 25.00
OTAT 20.00
PTAT 15.00
RDLT 20.00
RPTT 20.00
SSCI 10.00
SSPE (activity) 5.00
SSSM 15.00
1 Some courses are approved for nonstandard fees.

Explanation of Prerequisites

Most learning beyond basic skills is dependent upon mastery of some prior skill or subject content. As a result, many courses at the University require the satisfaction of prerequisites prior to course enrollment. Prerequisites may be met by successful completion of the prior courses listed or by placement, via testing, into the course.

The academic division/college may withdraw a student from a course for which prerequisites have not been satisfied.

Explanation of Abbreviations

These abbreviations are found throughout the course descriptions on the following pages.

Prereq. — Prerequisite
Coreq. — Corequisite
$ Indicates lab fees apply to this course, see the box on the left.
GEP Indicates General Education Program course (see the General Education Program Requirements by Content Category  for details)


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